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I was inspired to create this after becoming a fitness instructor to an ever-changing community of supporters who wanted the ability to take my classes from wherever they were in the world. I wanted to share my program with them and other fitness enthusiasts.

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A. Laffoon ~ Hallee has been a lifesaver during my time in St. Vincent. I workout well by myself, but I never work harder than when Hallee is there to motivate my and push me passed any limits I thought I had. Her group workouts are amazing, she does a full body cardio-weight lifting in 1 hour, there isn't a better workout out there, I'm sure of it. Her individual training sessions are, somehow, even better. She tailors each workout to focus on your weak points, or wanted improvements, while still giving you an overall body workout. She is so knowledgeable about form and changes to make in case of an injury. I was in a lower leg boot after surgery and she still found suitable and challenging workouts for me through the entire healing process. She is amazingly creative, fun, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable. I'm incredibly excited she is doing this website so I can continue to transform my body no matter where I am.
Millie M. ~ I started training with Hallee about mid-way through medical school. I had always wanted to try working out with a personal trainer, but time and money constraints had stopped me in the past. Hallee worked with my budget and my schedule to create a plan that worked for me. I attended her Zumba toning classes twice a week and had a one-on-one session each week. Her Zumba classes were intense and fast paced which was great for study breaks and perfect for someone who, like me, loves group classes. The personal training sessions were fantastic, with exercises that I would have never tried on my own before - and the results showed that it was working! I hadn't felt that strong and fit in years! She willingly shares her expertise and makes all of her session’s fun, challenging and a learning experience. I owe a lot of my current fitness achievements, motivation, and goals to the few months I was able to train with Hallee. If we ever end up in the same city again, she's the first person I would call for a fun and effective workout!
B. Folan ~ Hallee is an incredible teacher and trainer. Since I started working with her, I have lost 40 pounds (and counting)! Her classes are a tough workout while still being a lot of fun. In our individual training sessions, Hallee always keeps a positive attitude while pushing me to my limits. I have not only improved my strength, muscle tone and endurance, but I am sleeping better, I have more energy and I am more alert throughout the day. It is no exaggeration to say that Hallee has added years to my life and I could not be more grateful.
Josée P. ~ Lets just say no one else could make me try let alone enjoy a dance class. Hallee is a feisty, effervescent, miniature ball of contagious energy. I am absolutely in love with her FLEX class which combines weight training with music giving you a good cardio workout while building strength without the monotony of counting out reps. No matter how down, tired, or unwilling I was when I showed up to her class - I was completely energized, sweaty and smiling within 5 minutes! Hallee organizes her FLEX class so it is easy to get a great workout no matter your fitness level just by adding weight. This class is ideal for anyone looking for more cardio than CrossFit, more toning than Shaun T, and more customization (with a little less skin) than Lisa-Marie. I am excited that she is moving online and I will never have to miss her no matter where I go next :) 
Kathy N. ~ Hallee's unique style of workouts kept me coming back every week! Challenging enough to make me feel like I was working hard and achieving my goals every time. I definitely saw changes in my strength and overall fitness through the weeks. Her spunky personality and positivity gave me the extra push I needed every day. I don't know how I would've managed to stay fit in medical school otherwise!
Tim C. ~ Hallee's amazing energy and incredible knowledge pushed me to another level. I never would have gotten the same results if she wasn't constantly challenging me and keeping my body guessing!  
Shanelle B. ~ Hallee's fitness classes jumpstarted my fitness regime giving me the motivation to continue to change my body in her absence. Her bubbly personality combined with an awesome selection of upbeat music and her impromptu dances energized the class and made the time fly by. My favorite was her hour long FLEX class which was filled with a plethora of moves that effectively balanced cardio and strength training. With her diversified routines, I was able to see changes within weeks! I regret not having the opportunity to train one on one with this fireball.
Natalie ~ I have a long way to go, but I think this was a great start. You helped me make a lot of progress and I really do hope you know how much I appreciate it. My face is WAY less pudgy, my hips and thighs are substantially smaller, and even my waist and lower waist (baby hump as I call it) are noticeably smaller. Well, noticeably to! You were a wonderful trainer. Thank you so so so so so so much!  
Maye M. ~ One of the best fitness trainers I’ve worked with. Hallee made me a personalized plan that she adjusted as we trained.  She kept me motivated and inspired.  She didn’t allow me to lose momentum.
Meggie H. ~ Hallee makes working out so much fun! I attended MOVE and FLEX classes with Hallee for almost 2 years. I loved going to her classes.  She really got me into good shape and I had fun doing it!  

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